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Why has family income distribution remained unchanged for the past half-century?

Finally I found a source to explain this most unfortunate situation in the Philippines.  I have simply excerpted from the column ‘There’s the Rub’ by Conrado de Quiros entitled ‘Dagdag-bawas’ in the Philippine Daily Inquirer today, Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012.  And he was writing about the senatorial line-ups for the May 2013 elections.  <http://opinion.inquirer.net/37944/dagdag-bawas&gt;


I saw these things and realized that there is only one constant in our politics, or history. That is the incredible capacity of the elite, political and social, to survive. That is the incredible capacity of the elite to mend their differences, however those differences seem stark at one point, and find a new lease on life. That is the incredible capacity of the elite to come together and build a united front against a common enemy, which is change. (highlighting mine)

It was so then, it is so now.



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