VERified and NSO Certiicates

Did you receive a certificate of no record from the NSO?

Do you need to apply for late registration?

Do you have errors in your NSO certificate?


Do you have the time to personally attend to these matters?


Vital Event Records Certified, Inc. (VERified) launched a professional service to help you with these NSO documents.    They offer reasonably-valued packages handling problem cases involving birth certificates and other documents of vital events like marriage and death.  The door-to-door service is now available to residents of Metro Manila and nearby provinces, even if their original records were registered in other cities and municipalities in the country,



Because of VERified’s expertise, experience and network in civil registration, law, and business process engineering, clients save a lot of time and effort in going through the process and requirements of the bureaucracy.



This will benefit individuals who don’t have the luxury of time and the patience to go through long processes to personally fix issues with their NSO documents.


Interested parties can consult a VERified counselor for assessment of problems with birth, marriage and death certificates as well as related court decrees and legal instruments during weekdays every afternoon from 1:30 to 4:00.   For appointments, please get in touch with Rachelle Lalangan at (632) 7051265 or (632) 7051277.



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2 responses to “VERified and NSO Certiicates

  1. Ludovico B. Biazon jr.

    my birth certificate releasing date is on june 13,2014,is it posible to get in advance date?

    • makuhari

      Regrets. For this matter, you have to deal directly with the NSO, now the Philippine Statistics Authority. We are a private firm.

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