Shadows of Murphy’s Law Lurking in Automated Elections

Quite a few have criticized my raising the specter of the automated elections system being implemented by COMELEC failing to deliver the true will of the citizenry.  How I wish that I would be 100 percent wrong.  Who benefits if ever the election results would not be credible.  How about a hold-over President after 30 June 2010?

There are no other options to what you would see in these scenarios.  Would the machines operate efficiently after some jarring, wetting, and sunning?  Would the ballots remain dust-free, smudge-free, dry, and crease-free?  What does a candidate do if the ballot of his supporter is not accepted by the machine and be classified as spoiled?  Would the voter meekly accept his fate of his vote rejected by a machine?

I hope COMELEC prepares well for the manual system that the law requires them to resort to in case the Automated Elections System fails.

These scenes were taken somewhere in ARMM, presumably around August 2008.  This video clip has changed quite a few hands before I was given access to it.  For your viewing.


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One response to “Shadows of Murphy’s Law Lurking in Automated Elections

  1. JBernoulli

    I am glad that this topic was discussed on this blog, totally agree with all the above, but there are some problems in the legal regulation in the light of recent changes in legislation. I would not wish to write here in great detail, much is written on the site … But thanks anyway!

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