Shoes, Feet and Mother Goose

This piece is a flight of fancy, inspired by the recent (14 December 2008) shoe (size 10)-hurling by an Iraqi journalist (Muntader al-Zaidi) of President Bush.  This is dedicated to those who wish that the target should have been Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

I write this exasperated at the status quo because this may not really happen in the Philippine-setting.  Shoes are only thrown by irate wives at their (philandering-slob-of-) husbands.  Or the shoe-thrower could be shot by her security officers and die in vain over doing something non-life-threatening (but symbolically very insulting) because they would claim that the shoe had a hidden bomb.  So one would think twice… even if, well, the Iraqi journalist called Bush a ‘dog’ and  Joey Salceda called her ‘one lucky bitch’.   

2009 could be the Year of the Shoe; hopefully
– the year when she kisses the bare feet of those she supposedly serves to alleviate their plight, especially the poor, but who have instead increased in severity and magnitude;
– the year when she wears her shoe on the other foot to appreciate the value of a hundred pesos to the street vendors, factory workers and farmers vis-a-vis the millions she hands over to her minions in Congress just to buy a vote of approval for her daring forays into constitutional challenges;
– the year when her tiny foot gets stuck in her big mouth for her promises to the nation (Rizal Day December 30, 2002: I will not run again; June 27, 2005: ‘I am sorry’ speech; all SONAs) which she has broken with consistency and without remorse;
– the year when she foots the bill for allowing the misuse of hard-earned funds of private workers at the SSS and the government employees of the GSIS;
– the year when she stands at the foot of the ruins of the Tower of Babel which her Congress led by KAMPI seeks to build in her glory
– the year when she and everyone who has been willing to be her foot stool or be the soft pillows that prop her up on her seat, get booted out;

– the year when she becomes the old woman who lived in a shoe; who had so many children (because of her population policy or the absence of it) that she did not know what to do; who gave them some broth, without any bread (or rice); and whipped them all soundly (CPR policy – calibrated pre-emptive response of the police) and sent them to bed (CPR policy – contraceptive prevalence rate) ; but who made them much better behaved because of her kindness and compassion…
Oh well, it is not bad to dream or read Mother Goose of fairy tales and nursery rhymes… 
Sapatusin si GMA (Gloria at Mga Arroyo) at ang KAMPI (Kapatiran ng Abusadong Mambabatas ng PIlipinas) !  Sapatusan ang mga dukha!


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