The numbers game of CON ASS: Personal Take

Excerpts from Inquirer headlines 01 December 2008:

MANILA, Philippines— (UPDATE) President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s political party is close to getting 197 signatures of members of the House of Representatives on a resolution seeking to amend the Constitution though a constituent assembly (Con-ass), the party president, Rep. Luis Villafuerte, said Sunday.  The Camarines Sur congressman and head of Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino (Kampi) told radio dzRH that 167 congressmen had signed the initiative. He expressed confidence that more would jump on the bandwagon in the coming weeks….….

Kampi plans to gather up to 197 signatures of congressmen that would represent three-fourths of the combined number (262) of the House (238) and Senate (24) and force the Supreme Court to rule on whether the 1987 Constitution had intended that Congress vote either as one or separately in amending the Charter through a constituent assembly.

If that is the KAMPI position, here is my take from behind à IPMAK (Inis na Pinoy sa Macapagal-Arroyo na Kinulang):


1.  If the 1987 Constitution intended the Congress to vote as one in amending the Charter through a Constituent Assembly,


         197 signatures could already be sourced out solely from the 238 members of the House of Representatives (HoR).  Why bother with the Senate? 

         Is the Congress which is made up of the Senate and the HoR a cooperative, where one member equals one vote?


2.  What did it take to become a member of the 14th Congress?  Look at some official numbers from the COMELEC website:


         To get into the Senate, the 12th placer in the 14 May 2007 senatorial elections got 11,005,866 (or 37.3 percent) votes out of 29,498,660 who actually voted. 


         To be a member of the HoR,

       the winner in the 14 May 2007 congressional elections in Batanes garnered 4,430 (or 54.4 percent) votes out of 8,147[1] actual voters.   In Camiguin the winner had 24,277 votes (54.3 percent) of a total 44,677[2] voters.


       320, 677 (2.03 percent of 30,056,695) party-list voters placed the sectoral organization An Waray on their ballots.


The spheres of influence are obviously different.  A member of the Senate is voted into office by the national electorate and a member of the HoR, by the constituency in their district (which can be less than 1 percent of total voters in the country, but of course through no fault of theirs).


To the 167 members aboard the bandwagon at the HoR (ABHOR) who have already signed the resolution, what makes them think that their individual votes will have the same essence as those of the Senators in amending the Charter through a Constituent Assembly under the present Constitution?  Why bother the Supreme Court with a test of their loyalty and insult their intelligence and integrity?


This kind of herd mentality is the collective product of constipated asses (CON-ASS) which are enthroned on their padded seats with ‘tong-pats’.   



[1] Those who voted for at least 1 senatorial candidate in their ballots.  It is possible that this could be higher as interest for the local elections is generally higher than for the national elections. 

[2] Same as footnote # 1


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