8 isms for married life (walo-walo)

My daughter Dominique got married to a fine young man Brian last Tuesday 8 January 2008 at the Malate Church in Manila.  At the reception I suggested to them 8 isms for them to get by.  In the vernacular, I have termed these as walo-walo, taking after the all-purpose brew, pito-pito

You each come in neat packages.  You can change the wrapper and the ribbon but not the gift.   

When your soul overflows with peace after a magic moment, enjoy one of the miracles of life. 

Declare your blessings; these are not taxable and will enrich you.   

Honesty is not only for the happy moments. 

The loudest noise that should come from your home should be that of laughter. 

Lessen moments when you think of what could have been, especially when you reach mid-life.  

You are still cool when you get goose bumps whenever you touch and whisper in your senior years. 

Keep in mind that the greatness of the Lord always reveals itself in the simple things, not in sophistication that comes with success.


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