Arroyo vs. Poe: another look

I was not home when the results of the May 2004 were processed and ‘legitimized’ with the shadow of doubt whether the vox populi was actually heard.  More particularly it was bothering that this cloud of uncertainty would hang over the country at an opportune time when pro-poor reform was (and remains to be) badly needed.  I decided to write this on my own 3 years ago to sublimate my rage at so many alleged attempts to hide the truth from the electorate.  A Japanese university asked me to expound on the paper but I had no more time and motivation to pursue this issue further from where I was.  It seemed too that the major decision makers of society were contented with the ‘official’ results…official meaning it came from the government’.  Final results may also be appropriate, — in that finally let us stop working on this.  True results?…you are pushing your luck.  I am publishing this on the web since it may have been brought back into context by the slow count of the May 2007 elections, which as of now has yet to be concluded.  Read on.


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